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Terms and Conditions This is a legal agreement between you and ChristianCrush. Eligibility By using this Site, you agree to the following: I am at least 18 years of age. I will not post any sexual content, nudity, or sexually explicit material of any type. I will not post any content or messages that are obscene, racist, profane, or abusive in any way. I will not post any form of illegal content or information.

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I will not harass other members emotionally or sexually. I will not post or submit any type of copyrighted material of any kind without receiving prior written consent. I will not advertise or solicit any products or services to other members. What we did is the same thing that other families can do to help determine if their teenagers are ready to begin dating as well. What can parents do specifically to assist their teenagers in making a decision about dating?

As we help parents answer this difficult question, we encourage them to develop a dating contract. Growing up in our family, our parents required us to demonstrate that we understood three important character qualities before we could date: Having a written contract helps take the pressure off guessing when a teen is ready to date. Instead, dating readiness should be the result of a teenager displaying certain internal character qualities. Listed below are the three areas that we needed to develop before dating.

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Before we were allowed to enter into a dating relationship, we had to demonstrate that we understood the importance of honoring God, others, and ourselves. This character quality is founded upon the Matthew This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: We were encouraged to understand that we need to be responsible for our own actions and emotions. Furthermore, we knew that we needed to be responsible for our actions as well.

Again, as a family, write down your own definition of responsibility. What specific behaviors need to be included? How will you know if your son or daughter is responsible — what will they be doing or not doing? My limits are minutes per month usage. I know that I am required to contribute to the cost of my cell phone. Mom and Dad will pay for phone insurance and minutes. My cell phone must be turned off at 9pm each school night and 10pm in the summer and Friday and Saturday nights. It is my responsibility to be sure the cell phone is being recharged each night in the kitchen.

I agree that if I am unable to keep up with my responsibilities, the use of my cell phone can be taken away from me.

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This can happen even if I have contributed to the cost of the cell phone plan. I will not use my cell phone to take pictures of nudity, violence or other unallowed instances. I will not use my cell phone to call anyone for malicious purposes. I will not use my cell phone while driving. If I need to make a call or text, I will pull into a parking lot to do so. I will limit the amount of time I am on the phone. These limitations include no texting during meals, when spending time with family or extended family, and when my parents ask me to put the phone away for any reason.

Mom and Dad will know any phone passwords and voice mail passwords. I understand that mom and dad have the right to look at my text messages and my phone history at any time they ask. The consequences for not following through with these limits on my cell phone use are: One of the keys to contracts is to have the teen help determine the consequences.

We find it best to give them the contract a couple of days before we sit down to discuss it. We tell them to bring their suggested consequences to the table when we sit down to discuss and sign the contract. Then we discuss and agree on the consequences, adding them to the contract we will sign.

iketefafad.tk They respond to structure. And if the expectations are clearly stated, they are more likely to meet them. Contracts help to clearly state the expectations and the consequences that will happen if the expectations are not met.